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1.Personal Income Tax Return Half year Tax year B.E. 2564 for taxpayer with income under Section 40 (5) (6) (7) (8) of the Revenue Code (ภ.ง.ด.94)PDF
2.Guide to Personal Income Tax Return Half Year 2020 (ภ.ง.ด.94)PDF
3.ภ.ง.ด.94 Attachment – Joint FilingPDF
4.Income Exemption Entitlement Form to be used with ภ.ง.ด.94PDF
5.Income Declaration in Temporary Development Area to be used with ภ.ง.ด.94PDF
6.Additional Form of Assessable Income under Section 40 (5) - (8)PDF
7.Additional Form of Child Allowance(s)PDF
8.Disabled or Incompetent Person Care Allowance Certificate ลย. 04 - 1PDF

Last updated: 13.09.2021