The Revenue Department is the highest tax collection agency under the Ministry of Finance. It is responsible for collecting taxes according to the rules and regulations prescribed in the Revenue Code.

The Revenue Department's responsibilities are to collect, administer and develop the following taxes :


 (1)Individual Income Tax
 (2)Corporate Income Tax
 (3)Value Added Tax
 (4)Specific Business Tax
 (5)Stamp Duties
 (6)Petroleum Income Tax

In the recent years, more efficient collection methods have been employed through developing the Revenue Department's information technology platform.

Apart from collecting taxes, the Revenue Department is also responsible for ensuring that the administration of the tax collection is carried out in accordance with the government's policies.

In addition, in order to improve and update the national tax system, the Revenue Department continually conducts studies to seek for fairer and more appropriate tax collection schemes. From these findings, recommendations are respectively submitted to the Ministry of Finance and the Government for the approval.


Last updated: 05.12.2020