King Rama VI



The Revenue Department of Thailand was founded on the 2nd September 1915 by King Rama VI, following on from King Rama V's visions to establish countrywide infrastructure, and to provide a revenue collection platform in order for Thailand to remain aligned internationally.

Taxation is the main source of government's revenue. A large part of tax collection comes from three main agencies under the Ministry of Finance. These are the Revenue Department, the Excise Department, and the Customs Department - which collectively account for about 85-90% of the government's revenue. The Revenue Department itself collects more than half of the total tax collection.


Main objectives

  • To collect all taxes efficiently at an appropriate level, at the lowest compliance cost to the Revenue Department and to taxpayers.
  • To assist in the development of the economy through tax initiatives, which will enable Thailand to remain competitive among economic counterparts.
  • To instil an ethics of voluntary tax compliance, and to pursue effective measures of reprimanding tax evaders.
  • To administer the tax system with the principles of honesty, efficiency and fairness.


To be achieved by

  • Giving high quality services to all taxpayers.
  • Ensuring a high level of voluntary tax compliance by giving taxpayers a thorough understanding of the tax system.
  • Advising taxpayers on their rights and responsibilities under the law.
  • Advising taxpayers on the framework for compliance and the penalties for non-compliance.
  • Advocate necessary measures in order to promote efficiency in tax collection.
  • Constantly applying innovative measures in order to achieve all set objectives.

Last updated: 05.12.2020