The Revenue Department (RD) provide two choices of services to public both citizen and organization to choose .

The first choice is e-service. E-service provide to citizen or organization to access the service by himself individually . It is a service to the user one by one. This choice of service such as e filing, e registration, e-forms etc.

The second choice is web service. Web service is a service using technology of web service provide to citizen or organization. The choice of Web service is a communication between application program of citizen or organization (service requester ) and the Revenue Department (service provider) .


The following are list of e-services that are available on our web site:

  • e-filing
    Although this web page is Thai language but in the right hand is the list of tax return which can do e filing.
    During the period of filing tax return of Personal Income Tax, there are Tax calucation application on this web page.



  • e-Registration
    There are two service of e-registration, one is for Value added Tax (VAT) another is Special Business Tax (SBT).
  • e-Tax Invoice
    On January 2012 the Revenue department issued the regulation on “The preparation, delivery, and storage of e-Tax Invoices and receipts. B.E. 2555” and implement e-Tax Invoice as a new e-service to public.

    The Revenue Department encourages the VAT entrepreneurs to e-Tax Invoice instead of paper Tax Invoice according to the e-Government policy.
  • e-form

    There are 2 types of tax return form in English language. "Filable" forms and "Translation purpose only" forms.
  • e-Registration
    There are two service of e-registration, one is for Value added Tax (VAT) another is Special Business Tax (SBT).
  • e-Revenue code
    Online download Revenue code, both full and update for increasing of new issue every month.

  • FATCA XML Generator
    An online service that helps you generate a simple FATCA report file in XML format, based on the FATCA XML Schema v2.0.
    FATCA XML Generator


Web Services

The Revenue Department’s web services have been implemented since 2005 with 8 services until now RD launched 11 services.

From 11 services The most frequent use are CheckTINPINService and VATService .



All of RD services is available in RD website but almost in Thai language and located in RD website Thai version except . e-form and e-filing for Individual taxpayer (Personal Income Tax year 2012).

Last updated: 06.06.2022